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going pro

Crown Athletics has a proven system, that has helped young men & women from all over the globe make their dreams of  running professionally a reality


The first indoor & outdoor season for Elite Athletes is free. Crown Athletics was created to facilitate talented sprinters with little to no support. Coach Davis is aware that without affordable HIGH level training , the larger training camps would monopolize post collegiate training. further limiting the true potential the sport has to offer.

for non Elites and Juniors - Pricing

what you need to do

#1 Understand that you are a business and a Brand

#2 Understand your local market (Las Vegas)

#3 Run Fast

#4 Strong Community & Social Media presence 

#5 Knowledge of Professional Circuit,meet directors & national team staff

More detailed information in Welcoming Packet!!!

How long does it take

The answer to that question, depends on the athlete,what country they represent, if they have a unique and interesting look or story that connects with a company's brand, etc. etc. etc. However, from our experience running a top 10 time and emailing have seldom never seen results.


  • job with flexible schedule (lyft,Uber or substitute teaching) w/little to no walking ,standing or labor

  • Find housing as close to training locations as possible

  • Reliable Transportation

  • an Income of $800/month is more than enough for House Share Athletes

  • budget $100/per Trackmeet (travel,housing etc)